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Laura Escanes, an observant and a dreamer, shares what travelling and getting lost in the streets of Marrakech and the magic of every city mean to her.

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From the exotic soul of the Dar El Sadaka Villa to the spicy scents of the streets and the craftmen-filled souks, the city of Marrakech is the perfect stage to feel its culture through all five senses. The influencer and writer, Laura Escanes, explores the secrets of the Moroccan destination like a local. “When I travel I like to improvise and ask the locals what they recommend doing”, she states. “That’s how I discover wonderful and not so touristic places. The only things I plan more are restaurants and dinners… since I like eating so much we always try to look for the best restaurants and make a reservation with time”.


Although she admits that her style usually blends with each city’s atmosphere, like wearing a classic red lipstick in Paris or an urban look in New York, for Laura the key resides in a comfortable pair of shoes to walk all over the city. That, she adds, is really the only way to get to know it.



“When I travel I like to improvise and ask the locals what they recommend doing. That’s how I discover wonderful and not so touristic places.”

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“Travelling is the only thing you buy and makes you richer. And I can’t agree more. But having to travel so much for work, I value a lot the time I get to spend at home with the ones I love”.

For her walks around the streets of Marrakech Laura draws inspiration from the boho chic aesthetic wearing ethnic pieces that combine neutral tones with earthy tones, and to gain strength with a mint tea in the interior patio of a traditional Riad, she prefers striped blouses with ruffle details and a thin checkered beige jumpsuit that mixes sophistication and simplicity equally. During the last hours of the day, Laura chooses black as the common denominator of her dinners in the Moroccan city. In the shape of a blouse, a printed skirt or a tied-in-the-front dress and combined with beige, her chromatic bet turns into an infallible sign of elegance.


Her entourage of more than one million Instagram followers and her authentic personality have turned her into a role model in terms of fashion and life style. With a very clear mind and as a loyal advocate for ignoring the ‘what will they say’, Laura thinks that having a style that’s too narrow ends up being boring and dreary. “When I get dressed I try not to think about styles or labels. If one day I feel like wearing something eccentric I do it, if I suddenly prefer to wear a total black look and something more basic I just do it too”, she says. “I guess it depends on how I get up and how I feel”. Her only common denominator when it comes to choosing an outfit is undoubtedly the sporty aesthetic. In her closet she admits that, apart from a pair of mom jeans and comfy sneakers, we will always find a sporty look consisting of something like a pair of wide leg pants and a crop top, and she says her travelling suitcase essentials are gym clothes. “If I then use them or not is a whole different thing… But the first long trip I did –nine hours long-, I wore a pair of jeans. Since that day I decided to wear sweatpants every time I travel”, she remembers.


Among the destinations she can’t get out of her head, the città eterna of Rome is the top one. She remembers the Italian capital fondly because it was her first trip with her husband Risto –and also because she fell in love with an egg carbonara in Trastevere–. Japan is also a dreamed destination for Laura, who’s dying to travel around the whole country to absorbe every detail of its culture and gastronomy.


But a globetrotter like her, who never seems to spend more than two days at home, also appreciates the slow paced moments, where time slows down and she gets to enjoy the company of her loved ones. “They say travelling is the only thing you buy and makes you richer. And I can’t agree more. But having to travel so much for work, I value a lot the time I get to spend at home with the ones I love”, she declares. With her family and friends as her personal definition of home, Laura shows that the most important thing for her is feeling at home when she’s around the ones she cares about.


Her sensitivity, love for challenges, attention to details and her aura when it comes to writing have made Laura to strip her feelings through the power of words since 2015, year in which she started her blog. The Big Little Lies’ soundtrack, strangers’ conversations, the sea or birds singing are usually the background sounds of her writing sessions.


Now, at 22 years old and with her seventh edition of her book Piel de Letra having been recently published, Laura is living what she describes as more than a dream. Her next step? To continue her self-discovering process with every turn her life takes. “Very cool projects await, and in a few days the audiobook for Piel de Letra, in which I’ve worked all summer, will be out. I really want to share my book in a different way, an even more intimate one. I like challenges and I’m not afraid of being wrong so I’m ready for anything that comes next”, she strongly states.


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