With the festive season having just started, Cabinett talks to the breathtaking Malena Costa about her contrasting style and how she lives the Christmas holidays.

December has just started, and our body knows it. Not much time left until those family lunches that turn into dinners, gifts’ exchange and crazy nights out with friends. The celebration spirit finds its way into Malena Costa’s closet and finds in the dress + XXL earrings combo the (not so) magic equation to call holiday night dates a success.


Red, silver, green and black take over statement looks. From sequin wrap dresses and péplum dresses to embroidered jackets with feathers and long silk dresses. The night is ruled by dresses that make Malena shine bright. The final touch? Earrings with a strong personality. “I always make sure that the clothing item is comfortable, that it’s also well made on the inside so that it doesn’t make my skin itchy because I have very sensitive skin, but I love it when it comes to sequins and glitter”, Malena notes. “This type of dresses aren’t only for New Years’ Eve, you can also wear them all winter long, so they’re a staple piece. I think sequins are never out of style, and neither is glitter”.


“I think sequins are never out of style, and neither is glitter”.

Dress and Earrings

Dress and Earrings







“When you see the excitement in your kids’ eyes you also revisit what we used to live when we were kids”.

Mother, model and full-time superwoman, Malena admits that she also belongs to the party-until-sunrise club. “I go all out, if I’m honest. Because the truth is that when I attend an event or a party and there’s good music and I’m surrounded by my people, I love to dance and well, we always end up being kicked out because the place closes and we’re still there”, she says.


For her daily routine she prefers to choose comfort and simplicity, a style that according to her she has mantained through the years. “During the day I have a very casual style and I like to feel comfy. I always look for flattering clothes, I don’t wear something just because it’s trendy, I try to wear what I think looks good on me or what I feel comfortable with”. With a pair of flattering jeans, a basic tshirt and a versatile black dress she is ready to conquer the week. Her priorities? Spend time with her little ones, two-year-and-four-months-old Matilda and one-year-and-four-months-old Mario, and going to the gym at least three times a week. “It’s all about organization. When I post videos lots of people comment ‘I wish I had the free time you have…’ and I say well, each person manages their own free time however they can and to me exercising is a priority mentally and specially physically wise because in order to work and give my all I have to be in shape”.


DressEarrings and Ring

Dress and Earrings

After living in Italy and China, where she fell in love with minimalist fashion and the wide-cut clothes that most women wear there, Malena and her family are settled in Madrid and they’re already dreaming about the upcoming festive holidays. “This Christmas is going to be very beautiful because both of Mario’s brothers have children, since Matilda was born they are five cousins in total, and it’s extra exciting to live these holidays with family, with my kids”, she explains. “Because at the end of the day when you see the excitement in your kids’ eyes you also revisit what we used to live when we were kids”.


As for a goal for the new year Malena doesn’t hesitate what to choose: work and dedication. “It’s been three years since I moved to Florence because of my husband’s job, I had two kids and I kind of set aside my career a little”, she states. “So my idea is to go back to modelling and work to the fullest!”.


DressEarrings and Ring

DressEarrings and Bag

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