The positive energy, the sympathy and the elegance of María Fernández-Rubíes make her the ideal guest. We chat with her about her styling tips for weddings.

It’s the beginning of the month of April and with it comes the most equally loved and hated season, the wedding, christening and communion season. Events that are exciting but also raise the inevitable question ‘what should I wear?’. Her effortless elegance, her fresh style and her attention to detail make María Fernández-Rubíes an inspiration reference. Although the place and the time of year in which the event takes place are key factors when it comes to choosing a look, María has found the infallible combination. “A flowing midi dress that suits me, a pair of maxi earrings and neat makeup”, she comments.



“¿The infallible combination? A flowing midi dress that suits me, a pair of maxi earrings and neat makeup”.







“I’m one of those people that thinks that less is more. And in terms of my style reference, it has always been my mum”.

Flower, polka dot, ruffles, fringes, embroidered dresses… María suits any style in a way that only she knows how, with ease and style. Eventhough she admits that she likes to take a risk when it comes to styling for an event, she prefers bright and trendy colours and says that prints aren’t really her thing, it seems as if every look Maria chooses was made specifically for her. Her only ‘no’? Tights. “Never say never, but I think I would never wear a mini dress with tights, whether they’re sheer or black”, she confesses. “I don’t love them, and I don’t really feel comfortable wearing them”.


Her secret is a unique and fitting tone palette and earrings that give life to her face and complete the general aesthetic of the look. But if we look for María at a wedding we would most likely find her dancing to the rythm of ‘I will survive’, Aretha Franklin’s iconic song, with her baby pink Yves Saint Laurent Tribute sandals that her friends gifted her for her wedding, and with her key hairstyle: her hair let down styled with finger waves.


It’s the season to strip off all the winter’s layers, to shine bright and to offer our most elegant and sophisticated versión without losing our own essence. For María, the roots of her essence go back to her style icon, her mother. “I’m one of those people that thinks that less is more. And in terms of my style reference, it has always been my mum”, she explains. “She’s a very elegant and confident person. I admire her deeply”.

But it’s also the season for infinite searching until finding the right outfit, the season for questions and confusión about protocol. Whether the event is at day or at night, María knows a thing or two about it. “A night look allows you to look a little more put-together by wearing a paillettes dress, for example, a long dress and dark colors”, she recounts. “With a day look you can play with a headdress or a pamela hat, but I’m not personally one for wearing anything on my head, I wouldn’t be able to stay still for a minute!”.


With a personal project already on the works, María is unstoppable, she’s an ambassador for various prestigious brands, she’s a traveller and she always manages to stay impeccable. “In my daily routine I always use the serum and the ANR eye concentrate by Estée Lauder and the Day Wear moisturizing lotion. I love to feel my skin super hydrated!, she states. Her light and her smile give off a completely nice vibe and it has its origins in her closest support system and the small details. “For me the most important thing is to spend as much time as possible with my husband, my family and my friends, to spend quality time with the people I love is what makes me the happiest”, she says. “And enjoying the small things and pleasures in life like having a glass of wine at the beach while watching the sunset with Manu”.


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