Modest yet strong-minded, Marta Hazas shares her idea of feminine style and her love for the comedy genre.

She’s a reference in the current Spanish TV landscape, her naturalness goes beyond the screen and her goals as an actress are quite promising. The Cantabrian actress Marta Hazas has an undeniable magnetism that makes her entire world very appealing.


Between premiere and premiere she offers an elegant style, a very ‘lady’ aesthetic that far from being corny it makes us want to reinvent a dress. “The truth is that I always feel femenine, I really like to play with dresses and pair them with a blazer that minimizes the ‘lady’ style”, she comments. “Also lately the projects I’ve been involved in have been set on the past so whether it was because of my hair cuto r my hair color I’ve had to make a contrast and give a little edge to my looks so I didn’t look too Velvet”.



“I always feel femenine, I really like to play with dresses and pair them with a blazer that minimizes the ‘lady’ style”.







“I’m learning to be a good comedian because it’s where I think us actors have to bring out the best we’ve got”.

Only Marta can turn the dress + heels + earrings combo into the most attractive uniform both for a cocktail and a day-to-day look. Striped and flower prints, shiny finish, bows or the classic little black dress, paired with statement earrings and geommetric-inspired bags, make up the must have list for the Spring season. Although dresses look like a second skin on Marta, the actress admits that everything she has in her closet is there because she likes it and it suits her, and if she had to pick a look for the rest of her life she is sure the key is versatility. “I think I’d wear a suit and I would pair it with a crop top, a print tshirt, an elegant shirt…”, she states.


The romantic comedy Pequeñas Coincidencias, starring Marta and her real life partner Javier Veiga, premiered in December of 2018, and although she admits that comedy is the hardest genre to play because of the tone and the search for the viewer’s empathy, this TV series has helped her find her place in the comedy spectrum. “I’m learning to be a good comedian because it’s where I think us actors have to bring out the best we’ve got”, she explains. “I’ve enjoyed it so much, both in Pequeñas Coincidencias and in theatre and this show is actually the type of comedy tone I want to master. It’s the kind of comedy that makes people laugh but the character suffers, it’s an absolutely realistic comedy”.

Hardworking and open to any challenge, Marta confesses she’s lucky because she loves all the characters she’s played throughout the years, always very strong and determined women, and she admits she would love for her career to go down that path. Her thorn in the flesh? Playing the role of a superheroine. “I love the role of a woman like Bette Davis on All about Eve, and I would also love to play a villain”, she says.


Her work in the movie industry, theater and TV portrays her as an all-round talented actress, a dreamer and a sweet but powerful woman. And talking about dreams… in a biopic about her, who would play Marta Hazas? “I would love it if it was Naomi Watts or Cate Blanchett, for example, two amazing actresses”, she explains. “In fact, we’ve sold Pequeñas Coincidencias to the U.S and they’re going to do a pilot episode… I’m dying to see which actress plays my role!”.


Between projects, premieres and caotic work schedules Marta tries to make room for a visit here and there to her family in Santander or Javier’s family in Galicia. She stresses the importance of having some me time, staying at home and, sometimes, treating herself to a beauty moment. “Certain days I make sure I take a little trip to Tacha Beauty, I love having a beauty routine and I let them take care of me with a little massage…”. Her place to completely switch-off? The Mexican island of Holbox. “It’s an island that barely has phone service so you have no other choice but unplug yourself, otherwise you’ll always end up checking your phone… Disconnection occurs in places that are in a different time zone”.



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