With more than 700.000 followers and 1.700 posts Marta Lozano’s Instagram is candy. But how is the girl behind?

She was born in Valencia and, in spite of constantly travelling the world, her origins are deep-rooted. Marta Lozano chooses the city that watched her grow up to open up and show herself just as she is, unfiltered. Wearing romantic knitted cardigans, lace tops and long coats, Marta takes a break in the magical Mediterranean coast.


“I live in Valencia and my intention is to stay here forever. I love travelling but my house is my house and it would be very difficult to move me out of my hometown”, she admits. A striking personality trait but one that portrays her as someone who is close to her family and friends. In a position like hers where establishing friendship bonds seems complicated due to all the travelling and hectic life pace, Marta has found her constant in Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, with an entourage of 430.000 followers. “I met her four years ago in the first event we went and we have been inseparable ever since, she’s like family to me”, she comments.


“I would like to create my own fashion-related company”.



“I live in Valencia and my intention is to stay here forever. I love travelling but my house is my house and it would be very difficult to move me out of my hometown”.

Proving the maturity of someone who already has a vast experience in the fashion industry and, specifically, in social media, Marta is impassive in regards to the –luckily few– negative comments she receives. “Sometimes you get unfortunate comments, in the same picture I’ve been asked if I was pregnant and if I was anorexic. In the same picture! It’s not worth it to pay attention to them because the things they say have no foundation –she explains–. You have to deal with it from a different perspective because otherwise you wouldn’t move on and you would get bitter with any comment”.


She admits that if she hadn’t dedicate herself to the fashion world she would have focused on Law, the degree she majored in at the University of Valencia. But nowadays Marta loves to have found what truly motivates her, eventhough sometimes she needs a break from being ‘camera ready’ all the time. “I love it when we have a couple of free days and I can post pictures from my phone album so I can rest from having to take pictures every day”.


Conquering the world at 23, with a strength-filled style and considered a must in the front row list of the main Fashion Weeks, she confesses that in her Instagram feed there are always five essentials: a pair of jeans, a white shirt, a flowing dress, a small bag and a pair of black stilettos, always paired with earrings –without them she feels naked–. Her current style reference? The danish bombshell Josefine HJ.


But Marta’s passion for fashion goes a step further. She has recently started a new project “Marta Lozano is with you”, a supportive initiative in which the selling profits of a tshirt go to the Proyecto Vivir foundation, an entity that fights for the protection and empowerment of women who are victims of gender-based violence. “I think that nowadays it’s a bigger issue than we imagine, that’s why with the campaign we try to raise awareness, especially among young people”, she states. This project might indicate the beginning of her entrepreneur steps, something she dreams about when it comes to her future. “I would like to create my own fashion-related company”. With a resounding mindset, and with an infinite range of posibilities in the horizon, this is only the beginning for the unstoppable meteorite that is Marta Lozano.


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