Like a breeze of fresh air, Nuria Roca celebrates color in fashion and reflects about her career and the passing of time.

A sunny day at the botanical garden of Desert City, in Madrid, is the witness of hurricane Nuria. A landscape of cactus and succulents give a warm welcome to embroidered jeans, boho inspired dresses, pyjama-style sets and orange tones. There’s a sort of spring-like atmosphere that predicts optimism and color. “I love color, and I also love bold mixes”, Nuria comments. “I don’t mind pairing yellow, pink, red, green at all. Sometimes I have to stop myself and say ‘hey, this doesn’t match, girl’. But for example I love to add a pop of color to a look with my shoes”.



“I like to grow old, and I like my wrinkles. I’m 46 years old and by no means I try to look 26”.

Blouse, Pants and Necklace of Nuria. Blouse, Pants and Earrings of Eugenia







“I think that fashion now is living an absolutely wonderful, plural and democratic moment because you can wear whatever you want to”.

High spirited and standing her ground wherever she goes, for Nuria it’s clear that fashion is made to have fun and take risks –and not fail–. Her secret? Knowing herself very well. “What happens is that throughout the years you get to know yourself better, you know what suits you, what you can and can’t wear, what you have to emphasize… -she explains-. I love fashion and trends but with time I’ve discovered that you can’t always wear every trend. I think that fashion now is living an absolutely wonderful moment, plural and democratic because you can wear whatever you want to. But within what’s trendy, I use whatever I like and think suits me.


She admits she’s a loyal fan of the sneakers trend but among her staple pieces the star item is a different one… “I think that if I buy another pair of jeans I have to move out… because they literally don’t fit in my closet anymore. I have them in every color, size, shape, wide-leg, straight-leg… everything! Jeans are essential for me”, she says.


With Nuria everything is crystal clear, her style defines her as a person that adapts quickly to changes, someone who’s not afraid but has her feet on the ground. And her work career reflects her charisma and energy. “I’m the type of person that can’t do anything without excitement and enthusiasm”, she affirms. “Whenever I haven’t had that in a project, I’ve left straightaway. I’m very gut-feeling-oriented in that way”.


Her opinion that with each stage in life we need to develop different functions and creativities is a perfect reflection of the phase she’s currently living. As a collaborator in the TV show El Hormiguero since July of 2018, Nuria admits that “nowadays” she’s still learning a lot. “It’s true that when Pablo offered me to participate in El Hormiguero it was all new to me because on TV I’ve always been hosting the shows, so working as a collaborator and not having that responsibility was completely different, but it was also a unique opportunity”, she states. “Maybe sometimes leading a project doesn’t enrich you as much as in this case a weekly 15-minute collaboration. To me quality weighs more than quantity”.


We confirm what we suspected. Nuria is unstoppable, she faces a challenge and wins it, and goes through every phase of her life without losing her smile. And all of it with perfectly bright skin! “I’m very lazy when it comes to sport, I usually do my own workout at home. But it’s true that I like to take care of myself, I’m Miss treatments. For me the limit is at anything that’s invasive, why? Because I like to grow old, and I like my wrinkles. I’m 46 years old and by no means I try to look 26”, she claims. Her beauty motto is that the results of her self-care need to be visible… and wow, they sure are!



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