With a country haven of peace as the main stage, Paula Moya defends the importance of travelling and connecting with nature.

The sun starts to show itself, it anounces the beginning of spring, and with it come the getaways to the countryside, the trips to breathe nature’s fresh air and switch off and the willing to get lost in a green landscape that spreads serenity and calm. Paula Moya, a nomadic soul, admits that eventhough she likes the contrast between the city and the countryside, she tries to divide her holidays in mountain, beach and city. “I always need my nature momento. In fact, I got married in Asturias and I’m not from there, neither of us is”, she comments. “I go there every year, I’m in love with Asturias, with the North in general. It was my first trip ever and, because we go there once a year, it was like our special place, the place to switch off”.




“I think the best way to invest your money is in travelling because it enriches your soul”.







“[About social media] In this industry everything seems very easy and idyllic but is very complicated”.

The stylist and influencer admits that she can’t stand still for a second and travelling completes her in a special way. “I think the best way to invest your money is in travelling because it enriches your soul”, she affirms. If we close our eyes, if we let our imagination take over and start daydreaming about the perfect trip, one in which we connect 100% with nature in its different forms, we’d probably transport ourselves to Paula’s honeymoon. A whole gift to the senses. “I went to Edimburg, then I toured the entire coast of California and ended up in Polynesia”, she recounts. “French Polynesia was… I mean, I had never seen anything like that before. That is pure nature, anyone who loves diving and snorkelling needs to go because it’s incredible. The ocean is alive there. Here it’s not”.


For the season of flowers and light Paula chooses a Bohemian style with folk accents. Flower and checkered dresses and knit cardigans and dresses find in Earthy tones, hats and boots their best allies to revisit the country aesthetic as if we were in a reboot of The Sound of Music or Little House on the Prairie. “I love this style in summer or in spring, when it gets warmer, I’m all about wearing dresses with boots, flowing dresses, I never like to wear tight clothes”, she explains.

With an interest in fashion since she can remember, Paula defends that fashion is made to have fun and helps to forget our insecurities. “Sometimes you can be afraid of, for example, putting on a big hat but at the end of the day you have to take a risk and if you feel like wearing a hat that day, go ahead”, she states. “Just as there are days in which you don’t feel comfortable wearing heels and you live in your sneakers. In the end, fashion is about having fun and playing with every option you have. Others’ opinions? Well, there will always be more classic people and more out there people…”.


Her maturity when it comes to perceiving the fashion world, her serene and paused way of expressing herself and, in general, the peace that Paula transmits, opposes to the frenetic rythm of social media. In a world of likes and followers, where ‘more is always better’ and breakfasts and sunsets are always perfect, a dose of reality from time to time is pretty necessary. Paula stands her ground. “In this industry everything seems very easy and idyllic but is very complicated”, she assures. “I remember before I started doing this for a living I used to think ‘this girl has the most perfect hair, I want my hair to look like that’. And now I know that someone touches up your hair like 50 times for one picture… It’s a normal job, it’s true that it’s very glamourous, but not everything is as perfect as it looks”.



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